I’m Back!!

Aaaaaalrighty then, let’s try this again!!

Yup, I disappeared.  I made this blog, set it up, and got all jazzed about it.  Then Life decided to smack me around a bit, and my blogs all took a serious nose-dive. I’m trying to bring them back now, though, and revive what I can.

I’m still running my original review blog, and after the extensive, tedious, exhausting updates I’m putting it through, it will be better than ever!

This blog is going to have the exact same content as my Blogger version. What I’ve found with my experiment of using both Blogger & WP for some of my other blogs, is that WP has far more interactive viewers, and is definitely more popular.

SO! I’m not going to stop using my original one, simply have both. Hey, more exposure for amazing authors is never a bad thing, right? Should be fun!

I’m excited 🙂

Rush Hour Dancing

Please follow this blog, so you can be updated on awesome author happenings, new books, and lots of fun! 😀



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