About This Blog

At Desert Rose, we love to review.  We are natural critics, and while some think of this as a negative thing (being judgmental) we see it as a good thing.  It’s helpful to read someone’s opinion about something, good or bad.

On our various blogs and sites, we write and post on many different topics and various areas of interest.  We wanted an easy way to keep our reviews organized and kept together, from all our different sources.  That’s what this blog will be for.

We will have reviews on books, music, movies, technology, art, food, pipes, hookahs, different hobbies, DIY tips, vehicles, animals, products, places, and much, much more.

Please browse through our posts for something you’d like.  If you’re looking for a specific topic or area of interest (books or movies), we have everything organized into categories, and labeled with tags.

If there is something specific you’d like us to review, please let us know!  We are always up for critique suggestions 😉


Feel free to leave a reply! :)

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