About Rose

I’m married to my best friend, Ken (who may have reviews up here from time to time).  I have tons of pets, no kids, and a laundry list of hobbies.  I’ve moved more times than I’ve been alive, and am always looking for the next big adventure.  I’m very active, rarely sit still, and love chocolate!! 😀

I love animals, exercising, and junk food (though I don’t eat much of it).  I’m currently writing several books, and hope to have at least one published in 2014 (fingers crossed! 😀  *knock on wood*).

I have violet eyes, am a spiritual Christian, and usually too honest for my own good.

5 Random Facts About Me:

Pink & Purple Gypsy Girl 3

~ I’ve been told many times that I remind people of Phoebe, from Friends.  I wear around 11 – 14 rings most days, am eccentric and bohemian, and usually get weird looks from other people when I start singing or skipping for no apparent reason.

~ I love music with a passion, and think I’d probably die without it.

~ I love just about any sport, beaches, snow, Winter, and vanilla.

~ I don’t have a favorite color.

~ I considered joining both the Marines and the FBI before I got married.

Anything else you want to know, just ask!  I’m an open book, so send me a shout out or chat with me somewhere! 🙂


Feel free to leave a reply! :)

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