I’m An Author!

Whoot! That’s right, I’m a published author!

I’ve been writing for nearly 20 years, and I’ve finally grown the backbone to actually publish one of my series! It’s not my favorite of the bunch, and I have a ton more books & series to come, but I still can’t wait!

I am writing as Roze Wallin, cuz it’s fun and just different enough to be unique =)

Check out my book info below, and hopefully one (or all) will peak your interest! They’ve all gotten great feedback so far, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of them! =D


This is a Young Adult/New Adult trilogy, full of humor and adventure! A secret war, conspiracy, and supernatural abilities, all rolled into a fun three-part story!

Desi Pere

Swirling Secrets, Book 1

~Released: February 2nd, 2016

~Length: 488 Pages

Available in Kindle or Paperback!



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Magnhild, is a freak. From her name, right down to the naturally bizarre visage she can’t seem to get rid of- she’s an odd duck.

Her life has taken a swirling plunge into the drain the past few months, but it’s nothing compared to what’s coming. All she wants is to finish school, and start over somewhere fun. Fate, has other plans.

Enter the Desi Pere underground organization, and three of it’s loyal members: They’ve enlisted Magnhild’s cooperation, whether she likes it or not. They mean to exploit her superhuman gifts, ones she didn’t think anyone knew about. Overnight, she’s dragged into a world, and a war, the normal world doesn’t even know exist. The bait: reuniting her with her mother, who’s supposed to be dead.

Danger, confusion, deception, and self-loathing fog each decision Magnhild faces. She desperately hopes to find her mother, and bring meaning to her past of abuse and isolation.

Will she see through the web society has spun around her, or fall captive to century-old lies? In her search for the truth, she discovers she cannot find what she seeks, without first becoming herself, accepting her inner strength, and embracing her bizarre life…


Sospi Tare

Swirling Secrets, #2

~Released: June 2nd, 2016

~Length: 285 Pages



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Magnhild, is still a freak.

It’s much easier to be a freak, however, if you are able to be confident in who you are. Magnhild has found the path to confidence and finding herself, with the help of her friends.

While the Sospi Tare are persistently attacked, Magnhild struggles to find her strength, and keep her new family safe.

Some questions are answered, while shadows grow darker, and more secrets arise.

Will she learn to harness her powers in time, or will she fall prey to her past, and the Desi Pere?


Prae Lium

Swirling Secrets, #3

~Released: October 2nd, 2016

~Length: 264 Pages



Fate is stitching two sides of a vicious war together, using love.

Magnhild, is no longer a freak. Blossomed from an awkward duckling, into a radiant swan, she finds her place. The only question now is, can she survive it?

Everything changes, a brutal war explodes, and loved ones are lost.

Who will survive to lead the world? It’s the Desi Pere vs. the Sospi Tare, and the fight will shake the fabric of reality.

No matter the outcome, one thing is certain: our fragile world, will never be the same.

I also have a stand alone novel, perfect for realistic contemporary fans! It’s written from the POV of a college-age young woman, but could be enjoyed by any audience!

New Adult, Contemporary, Humor – good, clean fun, with a lesson or two thrown in!


Being Brooke’s B.F.F.

~Released: December 2nd, 2016

~Length: 284 Pages



My world has turned upside down, and I’m losing my mind. It’s all Brooke’s fault. She’s one of a kind, that’s for sure!

Demanding? Yes.

Spoiled? Yes.

My best friend? Definitely.


This stand-alone novel follows Sam, as she figures out life as a new adult, which is always difficult. Especially when Brooke Summers is your B.F.F.

I have another stand-alone novel, which I believe would appeal to fans of A Knight’s Tale and Willow. Check it out!


A Throne for a Dog

A Throne for a Dog

~ Released: September 2nd, 2017

~Length: 158 Pages

~Genres: New Adult, Adventure, Medieval, Fantasy



A prince, majik, and a wolf-girl. What more do you need?

When Conor and his band of goof-ball men stumble upon a woman living with a pack of wolves, they had no clue what to expect, or how their lives would change.

No, these aren’t werewolves. However, they are dangerous, and the wolf-girl has several secrets.

As the prince and his family discover more about her, their kingdom is turned sideways, igniting a centuries-old feud.

Will Conor survive the wolf-girl, or will this mutt take his throne?

I’m working on a new book at the moment, and hope to have it published soon! =D

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Thanks so much for your interest! I look forward to connecting with you as Roze =)