Literary Services

Desert Rose provides Literary Services to indie and self-published authors, as well as traditional authors.  We charge competitive prices, and are willing to work with books on a budget.

~ Our Goal ~

We know your book is important to you.  You’ve spent a long time thinking about it, writing it, hashing out the details, and are looking forward to getting it published.  We want to help you with that.  

We don’t want to change your book, but simply help you make it the best book it can be.  We want to help you make sure the spelling, punctuation, and general grammar are correct.  We want to make sure it’s laid out in a way that makes sense, flows well, has correct and consistent details, and makes sense as a whole story.  

We’ll look at it with not only a critical editorial and proofreader’s eye, but with the mindset of appealing to the readers you’re hoping to attract.  We want to help you entertain them, with the best book you can give them.

Why use us?

What are our credentials? ~

Ken Wallin ~

Ken is our main editor, and was born to critique.  He read Chaucer and Hemingway in elementary school for fun, and is passionate about literature and languages.  He has participated in several writers workshops and poetry groups, and loves story-telling. 

Growing up in Japan offered him the unique opportunity to master a complex foreign language.  While living in Japan, he worked as a translator for the local U.S. military base, as well as an English teacher to the local residents.  

He then spent four years at a private university, majoring in English and Creative writing.  After college, he spent another two years in the U.S. military, working with documents, including editing, proofreading, and copy-editing.  

He is a songwriter and lyricist in his spare time, and enjoys writing himself.  He has an eye for detail, is self motivated and is goal oriented.  His vast knowledge of languages and grammar make him a natural editor and literary enthusiast.  

Rose Wallin ~

Rose is our side editor, and has long held the affectionate “grammar nazi” label, given to her by the people around her, whom she constantly corrects helps.  She is goal oriented, self motivated, and loves making written and spoken works the best they can be. 

She began reading at age two, and has had either a book or pen in her hand ever since.  She spent her high school years writing extensively for various groups and organizations.  A few include: screen-writing and play-writing for advanced theatre and thespian societies; the school newspaper and literary magazine; several advanced creative writing classes; several advanced literature classes, earning early college credits; numerous poetry and writing groups.  She spent a year publishing her own magazine, before graduating with honors.

Rose is also very passionate about literature, and adores language.  After mastering English in school, she studied Latin, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Greek, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and American Sign Language in her spare time, giving her a wide range of langue and culture studies.  She put these studies to good use, tutoring students in English, ASL and Creative Writing.

She has written and co-written nearly 30 books since elementary school, as well as several books of poetry and song lyrics.  Her passion for words and languages makes her a natural editor and book lover.

Testimonials ~

“From the beginning I was drawn to Desert Rose Reviews, and after going through their services and reading about Rose and Ken, I thought that they seemed like a really down to earth couple, and I wanted to work with them. It’s hard to find someone good to edit your manuscript, someone who you can also just click with and I wanted more than just an editor. From only reading their profiles I thought this was going to be a perfect match, but in the beginning our schedules didn’t work, and I had to use someone else. However, I still had Rose and Ken in the back of my mind, and when my manuscript was edited, I still wanted them to go over everything and make sure that the final touches were all okay. I’ve had a lot of bad editing jobs in the past, and spent a lot of money on services that were not done properly, and with one last look over with the beta-reading and the proofreading they were willing to work with me financially. I’m very grateful for their time that they put in for my manuscript. Rose and Ken are really sweet individuals and I truly wish them the best of luck on their business adventures.” -Shelique Lize, author of Velicious.

“Finding an editor is hard, finding a great editor with affordable services sometimes seems impossible. I was fortunate to connect with Rose Wallin on Goodreads before she and Ken Wallin established Desert Rose Literary Agency’s online services. When I noticed they were going to begin providing online services, I was eager to be one of their first clients. I’m so glad I was. Rose facilitated the communications with Ken and everything was very smooth and pleasant. As positive as that element of their services are, I was even more thrilled when I received my first edited manuscript back from Ken. Editing requires skill. The ability to edit in way that recognizes and enhances an author’s voice, is a gift. I’ll continue to use Desert Rose Literary Services and be grateful for Ken’s deft polishing of my work.” ~Heidi Garrett, author of the Once Upon a Time Today Series

Our Literary Services ~

We know taking a chance on a relatively unknown editor is risky.  We’re still building up our reputation as credible and reliable editors, which means starting from the bottom and working our way up.  So, at the moment, our services are very inexpensive.  If you hire us and are satisfied with our budget-friendly service, we ask in return for you to write a testimonial/recommendation, and possibly recommending other authors you may know who would be willing to work with us.

If you’d like to “try out” our services, we’d be happy to work with a chapter or two of your book, so you can see what we’d do with it.  If you like our work, we can go from there, and if not, then no harm done.

We offer services of:

~Writing Advice
~Advertising & Promotions
~Copy Editing
~Content Editing
Beta-Reading:  Simply put, it’s a read and review, with the review being a detailed and comprehensive critique, for the author only.  This is an in-depth look at content, flow/pacing, character/plot development, and consistency.  This does not include any proofreading or editing.  Beta reading tends to be most helpful when the manuscript is in its final stages before release.  Once your manuscript has been read, we will return feedback about the plot, characters, pacing, specific events, etc., and how the book was received as a reader.  
       *If there are any specific elements or questions you would like us to focus on while reading, please let us know beforehand.

Writing Advice:  This is basically just what it sounds like – advice.  We read and evaluate what you have written so far, answer specific questions you may have, and give advice.  We may comment on what’s missing, where the story can go and how to develop it, what can be done with certain characters, etc.  This is basically a beta-read before the manuscript is finished; somewhat like co-writing, without the actual writing.  This is best for authors who are stuck, have writers block, or who simply need advice about something specific while they’re in the process of writing. 

Advertising & Promotions:  We offer both basic advertising, as well as full Virtual Tours.  Information for both can be found on our Tour Site here.

The three main types of editing we offer:


Proofreading/General EditingThis is the easiest type of editing. Proofreading is used for getting rid of the cosmetic errors, and is usually the last step in the writing/editing process.  It’s not meant to be comprehensive; when we proofread, we don’t re-work text or content, we simply do a last run-through to catch surface problems with the content.  Most of the time when people ask for editing of a manuscript or paper, this is what they’re asking for.
Copy-editing is for improving style, formatting, and accuracy. We make sure there aren’t inconsistencies, and that the style flows well — in addition to being grammatically correct.  This would be a good option for those who need both beta-reading, and proofreading combined. This is the all-encompassing option that can give your manuscript a thorough clean and check.  

There are different levels of copy editing: light, medium, and heavy. Light copy editing usually consist of double-checking accuracy and taking care of most grammatical issues.  Medium copy editing includes some heavier lifting, such as correcting flow and re-working some of the text.  Heavy copy editing, is when we have to re-structure some paragraphs, or heavily correct style, flow, and grammar.

Content Editing: When we do content editing, the work is much more intensive.  We often need to add things that were left out, or re-write sections of content.  This is a higher level of copy editing, and includes a bit of content creation, as well as making corrections.  Mixing heavy copy-editing with co-writing, this option is best for authors who need help filling in holes and bridging gaps in their manuscript, as well as cleaning up cosmetic mistakes.  

~ Rates & Prices ~

(All prices are in US Dollars)
At the moment, our rates are:
~Proofreading/General Editing: $0.003 per word
(50K word manuscript = $150)
Light: $0.004 per word
(50K word manuscript = $200)
Medium: $0.005 per word
(50K word manuscript = $250)
Heavy: $0.006 per word
(50K word manuscript = $300)

~Beta Reading: Beta reading is much simpler than proofreading or editing, and more akin to reviewing.  Because we offer free reviews, it is much easier to provide beta reading rates on a tiered system, as opposed to word or page count.  Otherwise, it isn’t all that fair, or budget-friendly.
100 pages or less: $20
101 – 250 Pages: $30
251+ Pages: $40
Content Editing & Writing Advice are both charged per project.  Once you contact us, we can give you a quote, based on the level of work you’d require from us, and the amount of time it will take.
Generally, we charge by the hour or page.

Payments via PayPal only.  We request the full sum up front, to ensure you’re not only getting your edits, but we are also getting fair compensation for our time and efforts to help you.  
       *Payments must be paid in U.S. Dollars.  This seems simple, but we have had an issue with this in the past.  If using other currency, please ensure the total equals what you owe us in U.S. Dollars.  
$50 in the U.S. isn’t the same as 50 Canadian Dollars, or 50 Euros, or 50 Pounds, etc.  If you send 50 Pounds, you’ll have overpaid, where as 50 Canadian Dollars means we’re shortchanged.
Please be sure the sum you send as payment ends up $50 U.S. Dollars. 


Why are these your rates?  Most editing rates seem high, especially when you have a large manuscript.  While you may be looking for the cheapest possible price, editing is a you-get-what-you-pay-for service.  Not to mention, we offer our services to indie and self-publishing authors, which is unfortunately not all that common, for a good editor.
Most professional editors and publishing houses charge by the hour, which results in a significantly higher fee.  Charging per word ensures you’re getting each word looked at and edited, without worrying about how much time your editor is spending, combing through your manuscript.  We spend, at minimum, 10 hours on a typical short novel-length manuscript, and would be charging at least $10/hour.  At the moment, our rates work out to around $9.  
As surprising as it may be, our rates are some of the lowest in the biz.  There are some editors who offer lower prices, but you won’t be getting the level of service you’ll get with us.  We strive to offer high quality services, with budget friendly rates and fees.
Our rates may change in the future, but for now, these are the rates we are willing to charge.  If you are an author and desperately need assistance, but cannot afford these rates, please let us know.  We may be able to work out something that you can afford.  We are willing to work with authors on a tight budget, and would rather see a well-edited book published than have more money.  
Do you charge per draft?  Yes, rates are on a per draft basis.  This means if you rework the same story and want an opinion on the new draft, another fee will be charged.
Do you edit more than books?  Yes, we are also willing to edit papers, presentations, blog posts, book blurbs, websites, etc.  In general, the same rates apply.  Contact us for more information.
Would you steal my ideas or work?  Absolutely not.  We are both authors in our own rights, and are quite capable of coming up with our own ideas.  We live by an honor system in life, and that applies to our work.  Please rest assured, your manuscript and your ideas are yours, and we strive to see your idea in the world, being the best it can be.  
       We agree to honor your work, and will not steal, sell or share your manuscript/book, email address, or any sensitive information you may end up providing us.  We will respect your privacy.  We desire your respect, not your ideas or work.

Guidelines & Policies ~

File format:  We prefer to work with Word files, but will accept PDF.  This is because we use the tracked changes and comments features available in these programs to edit and proofread.  We will then send the edited document back to you with the changes and comments in place so you can see the errors, and learn what was wrong and why.  This applies for editing, proofreading, and beta reading.
Due dates or time limits: If there is a time limit on your manuscript, you need to let us know that in your initial email, otherwise we may not be able to accommodate your timeline.  If we cannot complete the editing by your due date, we will have to refuse the job.  For proofreading, we generally need at least 2 weeks to complete a manuscript.  For editing, we need at least 3-4 weeks, depending on the size of the project.  For beta reading, we can generally complete the job in a week or less, depending on length of book and feedback.
*Rush jobs can be done, but we may include a fee for rush service.  We will let you know if this is necessary in the initial emails.
Returns: There are no returns.  The fee is essentially paying for time to beta read, proofread, or edit, which is all done in our free time.  We offer our literary services on the side of our daily jobs and businesses, and are doing so for the benefit of authors.
Cancelling a job: If we have already begun work on your manuscript, you may still cancel, but we reserve the right to keep the money already paid.
       If editing has already begun, your file will be returned to you, with the comments and tracked changes already made.  
       Once a job has been confirmed as cancelled, all files pertaining to the job will be discarded.
       In general, cancellations should be made before we begin work on your project.

Request Services ~

If you’d like to request our services, thank you!  We’re honored ☺

Please send any requests to desertrosereviews (at) gmail (dot) com.  Please be sure to include any major details and anything you think we need to know.

Preferably, we would like: your name, a description of the project, the page count, what type of service you’d like, and any time limits/deadlines you may have.

We will get back to you as soon as possible with either a quote, or an answer to specific questions.

Payment via PayPal only.  We request the full sum up front, to ensure you’re not only getting your edits, but we are also getting fair compensation for our time and efforts to help you.  
           *Payments must be paid in U.S. Dollars.  This seems simple, but we have had an issue with this in the past.  If using other currency, please ensure the total equals what you owe us in U.S. Dollars.  

$50 in the U.S. isn’t the same as 50 Canadian Dollars, or 50 Euros, or 50 Pounds, etc.  If you send 50 Pounds, you’ll have overpaid, where as 50 Canadian Dollars means we’re shortchanged.

Please be sure the sum you send as payment ends up $50 U.S. Dollars. 

For any questions, concerns, or comments, please send us an email!

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