Two Historical Fiction Reviews!

Hiya peeps! I've got two interesting novels today, for a virtual blog tour organized by Roger Charlie. These books are fitting for anyone who enjoys historical fiction. One focuses on the lives of two people living in 20th century NYC, and how their lives unfold for a time. The second is the sequel, where this … Continue reading Two Historical Fiction Reviews!

Review of “The Discharge” by Gary Reilly!

Hiya peeps! I'm excited to share an awesome book with you guys today. Written by the late Gary Reilly, it chronicles the life of a soldier in the Army, and is highly autobiographical - how cool is that!? I was able to do a review, and also have that posted below. Check it out, and … Continue reading Review of “The Discharge” by Gary Reilly!

“The Secret Billionaire” by Teymour Shahabi!

Hiya guys! DRR has an interesting novel to share with you today! Set in the '60s, this Young Adult Mystery explores a young billionaire in London. Doesn't that sound interesting? Check out the author's inspiration for writing the novel, and be sure the enter the giveaway at the end of the post! The Secret Billionaire … Continue reading “The Secret Billionaire” by Teymour Shahabi!