Audiobook Review of “Gold Rush” by Jennifer Comeaux!

Hiya guys! I'm super stoked to share a new audiobook with you today! I've featured this author on my blog a few times already, but I hadn't ¬†yet had the opportunity to read on of her books. I'm a huge fan of ice skating though, so her book topics always appeal to me. When the … Continue reading Audiobook Review of “Gold Rush” by Jennifer Comeaux!

New Adult Sci-Fi! “Ensnared” by Rita Stradling!

I don't know about you, but the new Beauty & The Beast film has got me excited about fairytales and awesome retellings. This looks like it will be one amazing example! With a fantastic mix of sci-fi and fantasy, it's sure to entertain any reader! Check out the book trailer, and author-made playlist of book-inspiring songs!

“Keep On Believing” Audiobook Review!

Hiya guys! Hope you had an awesome weekend! Do you celebrate Easter? Did you do anything fun? I filled my weekend with a pretty awesome audiobook, and I'm excited to share it with you! It's a fairytale retelling, and was so good! Check out my review below, and be sure to leave a comment about … Continue reading “Keep On Believing” Audiobook Review!

Crime Drama Review! “Still Black Remains” by Kevin Micaels!

Hiya guys! Hope your week is going super well so far! DRR has a brand new book to share with you guys! It's a dramatic mob-filled adult fiction, just released this week! Check out our review, and a guest post from the author! =D   Still Black Remains ~Released: April 1st, 2017   ~Length: 242 … Continue reading Crime Drama Review! “Still Black Remains” by Kevin Micaels!